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1 TEMPLE's RED DIARY on Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:40 pm


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Post any stories you story, love problems / break-ups, intimate or friendship...any stories you want to it here...

here's a sample...

I've been fantasizing about him for months.

He's absolutely the hottest cyber ef I've ever had. If you've been frequenting sleazy places on the net, I'm sure some time or another you would have gotten across him. His name is ...uhm nevermind a guy deserves his privacy no matter what.

It was a rainy day and we were at our usual antics...warming each other up via the net. He finally decided that he's had enough of ogling my totally edited pictures and it's high time for real action. I demur-ed that I'm still wearing office uniform and was totally "unhot" unlike the pictures I can't edit the real me.

No matter we still met up, at the MRT. We waited for a not so crowded bus, even in the banks where people waited it was crowded as hell. my head was practically leaning on his quite wide chest, yup he's really tall and i am kinda small. The thought about proportions nearly drove me mad and i was giddy with anticipation.

When we finally got in, i was forcefully pushed and got slammed at his chest,instinctively he wrapped his arms around me to stop both of us from falling over, and i felt his hard on, on my tummy. YUM.

It was so crowded there was barely space to swing a cat, much less notice what everybody else is up to. I propped my hands between us raised my chin smiled at him, and winked at him. He winked back. It was naughty time.

Maybe he felt my nips hardened,unhampered by a sheer bra, and it was rubbing right at his ribs. He was totally sweating and all hot, i can smell his manly sweat mixed up with his perfume, it was intoxicating, and made me h*rnier than i already was. But then maybe it was just hot, the cabs air-conditioner barely delivered oxygen to everybody.

I moved my hand up and down...slowly, rubbing the hard surface with the back of my hand. I realized i could feel more if i turned it, with palms directly feeling the bump. I was starting to sweat too.
Without looking he inched his hand between us, unzipped his fly so i could let my fingers in and feel more. There was just the cotton thing separating my fingers from his skin, and yet i could feel his heat. I had to control myself from dropping down,totally unzipping him and giving him head there and then, it would have caused a commotion and i'm sure i'd have my picture with a big slash and labelled BANNED , in all MRT stations.

I contented myself with just tickling his thing, with small motions using my finger. PAY DIRT! he was wearing briefs with slit. Now it was skin to skin, i was sweating more and so was he, and nobody else, the ACU was up now and it was moderately chilly. I wanted to wrap my fingers around the skinned stick but his jeans were too tight, i barely had space to do any maneuvers. Suddenly People started getting off the cab. he had to cover his front with my folder while he zipped his fly.

And we walked nonchalantly out of the cab.

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2 Re: TEMPLE's RED DIARY on Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:49 pm


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As usual I tagged along with my friend on her meet ups.

Why i did i never really knew.

I saw him approach us...i could only think of one name...

Ian... yup he looked exactly like Ian...the villain in chipmunks the movie? Skinhead or really closed cropped hair, he got the same black framed glasses...thoroughly evil looking ...and the tongue piercing looked exactly in place.

I don't know if I was just h*rny that time, or something about him really striked me as sexy... but as we walked outta that place to look for a net shop( since we were all really bored) My friend whisphered..."so what dya think? " i answered...

She messaged the guy ..." I think Java want's to have you right now". He was shocked. But quickly recovered..."if she's game I'm game"

As usual things like this lead to private rooms. I was really curious about the piercing, if anything else it would prove to be quite a different experience.

He was rabid...He attacked me (well that's the only description that i think would describe what happened) He was like a hungry animal who haven't had any action for quite think that he was just with his girlfriend 2 nights ago.

He nearly slammed me on the bed...pounced on top of me and started almost ripping my clothes off me while kissing me...He was whirlwind with 2 hands...he was all over me. It was kinda uncomfortable having the stud rubbing my tongue, i didn't mind it so much since the experience was quite new...

When he was quite done undressing me, he was kissing me all over and non stop whispering...caressing..."dya like it babe..." "can i do this not"..."how dya like it" I couldn't even remember half the things he i said..he was rabid.

The sensation was quite shocking. Warm tongue, cold metal touching my skin at the same time. And it the pain was quite intensely uncomfortable as he performed cunni thingy on me... He was a mumbling sex machine...He never stopped whispering..asking ...and he was practically praying when "oh god..oh god...oh god" I dont remember how many gods he called when i returned the favor.

He let out his was quite below normal...but at that point I really didn't was not the time to measure.It was the time to have it all in. And atleast i wouldn't hurt my jaw with the effort.
And all that time he was moaning like mad...and was nearly clawing my back...good thing he didn't have sharp fingernails. But he still nearly pulled all of my hair off.

He didn't stop texting me almost a month after that...and i never replied. ONS is ONS...rules must never be changed.


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because i promised...

i went to a team building with my co-workers. we went to a resort n Bulacan, and even though my boyfriend is from a different team, i insisted that he should join us. good thing that my supervisor was ok with it. so off we went to the resort. me and my bf have been teasing each other the whole day, but nothing special happened until the evening came.

there were 3 rooms in the beach house: one for the boys, one for the girls, and the other for the couples. there were 2 couples on the group, me and my bf, and my supervisor and her bf. sadly, we cannot sleep on our room because my supervisor's bf snores so loudly. i got irritated and suggested that we transfer to the other room. the girls' room was locked, so we went to the boys' room. they welcomed us and let us use one of the beds, while they sleep on the floor.

i still cannot sleep and asked my bf to hug me. we were in the spoon position. we were just lying there when i felt his hand making it's way to my boobs, lifting my bra, massaging it lightly and slightly pinching the nipples, down to my p*ssy. he touched it through my cotton shorts. i felt my skin tingle. then he whispered, "i'll make you cum, so that you can go to sleep". he started to put his hand inside my shorts and panties. i was about to moan when he roughly covered my mouth with his other hand. "shhh...", he said against my ear, "baka magising sila, mahirap na. wag kang maingay". his voice was hoarse and almost creepy, which made me more wet. he was playing with my clit, and i was trying hard not to make a sound or to move too much. he kissed my neck, then started biting it lightly. it felt so good. after a few more seconds, i heaved, and his grip around my jaw became tighter, maybe he's thinking that i might moan loudly. he pressed his lips against my neck, maybe he was trying to stop himself from moaning too. but he did what he wanted to do... i came.

afterwards, he still kept his hand lightly on my mouth, and kissed my neck. "go to sleep, my princess", he said. and just like that, i fell asleep. i think no one knew what happened, since none of the boys said a thing. or maybe they were just being polite. and when we got home, i was all over him, repaying him for what he did the night before.


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It was suppose to be nothing more than a coffee tryst.

I was, then, a call center agent for a known company and was on my first of 2 rest days. Since I didn't want to change my sleeping patterns (It's hard to get a "normal" life when you work the night shift), I decided to go online and browse for anything. Upon opening my Friendster account, I found an invite from an old classmate whom I haven't seen in nearly a decade. More than that, I hardly knew her other than the fact that she was in the same class as my ex-girlfriend. So I accepted the invite and sent her a message saying 'Hi". It took about 10 minutes for me to get a reply from her. Apparently, she was online herself and wanted to exchange YM's which I gladly provided.

Within minutes, we were chatting about old friends and catching up with our lives. We spent 3 hours talking about everything and I asked her if she was ok with meeting up some time soon. I was surprised when she answered back "How about tomorrow?". I agreed nonetheless, as we promised to try and invite other batchmates to go along with us. She even teased me by saying she'd bring along my ex.

The next day, we met at a coffee shop within the Makati CBD area. She was cute in some way, very casual and proper while I was sporting a thick beard and moustache then (which I still do every so often). We had small talk and then some. What I did notice was that our hands were slowly inching closer until we touched and held hands. I remembered asking her if that was ok, as I wouldn't want to offend her. She responded with a peck on the cheek. We decided to spend some time in a bar near Pasay Road. A few drinks after, holding hands led to tight embraces and the peck on the cheek led to occasional kisses. By the end of the night, we were on our way to my pad.

She was aggressive, just as I wanted. We groped like crazy, and our tongues were restless. Within seconds, our clothes were flying everywhere and a lot of caressing was going on. We played along the lines for the longest time, we were not in the hurry anyway, until she asked me to do her to which I obliged.

I took my time. I wanted her to enjoy the moment, as I was. Slow, deep thrusts. She was speaking incoherently... mumbling words like some lost foreigner. All I understood was her ordering me to f*ck her harder. And harder I did. She wanted it rough, then gentle... I let her have her way. I was trying to please this senorita. A little over 45 mins later, she was shouting obsceneties and was declaring she was on her way to a fourth orgasm. I had mine right after that. The euphoria of doing the deed left us both wasted and flat on our backs. The next morning, she said thank you and bid goodbye.

She left and we never saw each other since.


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my very first experience of a foursome.

In my line of work, I often travel to different parts of the country almost every month. On one summer, I was assigned somewhere north of Luzon. I met this sexy staff in the logistics department of our branch there. She's 5'4", morena and a head-turner in her 34-25-34 figure. She's in-charge of assisting me in my work. During breaktimes, we ate snack together. She also entertained me and my buddy during lunch at their canteen. Outside office hours, we frequent KTV bars and we really had a good time.

She likes my singing voice. Makalaglag panty daw lol! We became textmates after that. Until one September she texted me that she's here in Manila looking for a good review school as she plans to take the board exams. She asked me if I could visit her in her place in a 3-star hotel so that I could give her tips on the review and on choosing the right school. At first I said, it would be inappropriate (gentleman as I was). I insisted to meet her up in a coffee shop. She said it's ok since she was with her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend. It was raining and past 9pm already. Well, since i promised her during my assignment that I will accompany her in Manila if she plans to visit here.

As soon as I entered the room, I immediately saw the vodka and some chips scattered around. Nag-iinuman na pala sila. She introduced me to her cousin and her boyfriend. We talked endlessly about the film we're watching in HBO. Then her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend started teasing us. "Bagay kayo ng pinsan ko ah. La pang bf yan ngayon". I can sense that it might lead to something I don't want to happen (I had a gf at that time) so I said "Alas dose na pala, sibat na ako. layo pa bahay ko dito." But they insisted to stay there with them na lang kasi medyo delikado na sa labas. Since medyo nahihilo na rin ako, sabi ko sige na nga.

Two beds. Her cousin and her cousin's boyfriend on one bed and us on the other. Lights-off! Sleep time. After almost 30 mins. of silence, we heard moanings and giggles on the other bed. her cousin and her bf are indeed, caressing each other underneath the sheets. I think she felt horny too because she wrapped her arms around me and I can really feel her boobies! It turned me on. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, tutal nandito na rin lang ako, sige na papatulan ko na rin itong palay na nagpapatuka na sa manok.

I turned to her and kissed her on her hair down to her cheeks. She turned her head and my lips kissed her neck. I kissed her on her neck... licked it. I lifted up a bit to reach her ears. I put on some whispers and soft moanings as I kiss her ears. She too moaned! I can now here two girl's voices moaning in the dark. I slid my hand inside her shirt. found her navel and softly touches her there. she wrapped her legs around me right after that. It gave me space to "feel" hers down there. I slid my hand under her shorts and panties and God! she's drippin' wet!

i felt her hands moved toward my crotch. I sensed that she wanted to feel my world down there. So I unbucked my belt and put her hands inside. We are torridly kissing each other while caressing our privates. Di na siya nakatiis so umupo siya sa bed and she took off her clothes. I followed suit. Her cousin noticed us and said "hey, wag mo buntisin pinsan ko ha. play it safe, hahaha!" The rest of us chuckled.

Her cousin and her boyfriend are both naked na rin. Imagine four naked bodies inside a room drippin in sweat and making soft moans... "ooohhh aahhhhh....****! ooohhhhh oohhhhh"...

She gave me BJ and she's a pro on it! para akong mababaliw. I moved down her to "brush" her down there using my tongue. She resisted. Isa siya sa mga girls na ayaw magpa-eat down there. haha
Instead she grabed my c*ck and directed it to enter her. Slowly... I could see the pain in her face. "****! ang laki pala! para akong virgin ulit!". I said "Ano? tuloy ko ba?" and she answered my embracing me and pulling me towards her.

Her cousin and her boyfriend are busy on the other bed doing the doggy when they excused themselves to get inside the bathroom at dun na lang daw sila kasi alam nlang mahiyain yung pinsan nila. Kaming dalawa na lang sa room kaya wala nang hiya-hiya siya sa akin. Todo-bigay na. We did every position possible. I never had a hint that she was that so horny during my work on their plant. Tahimik lang kasi siya.

We ended up after three rounds. I managed to have at least 10 mins break in between. Naubos ang isang pack ng "emergency kit" ko sa bag ko. hahaha!

The next day, we took our breakfast and I accompanied them to the bus station. And then I went off. We remained textmates after that.

Then I received text too. Di naka-register sa phone ko yung number so i asked "hu u?". She replied and it was her cousin pala. She asked me if we could hang-out that weekend... Sabi ko sige why not.

We decided to meet in a mall in Sta. Mesa after her class. I thought she was coming with her bf that Saturday afternoon but she was alone. Her bf had some chores to do on their family business every saturday so she was alone. We decided to buy some food for merienda. while eating, we talked and talked about her cousin. I learned that her cousin was on a "cool-off stage" with her boyfriend at the time we did it. I also learned from her that they are "partners-in-crime" as they are both liberated young ladies in their clan so they don't mind doing such craziness as long as it will satisfy their desires. We talked about everything until the discussion about that night was opened. She revealed that he and her bf really was "game" on partner-swapping that night. But since they knew that their cousin is a bit shy type, they just let it pass. I laughed and joked at her asking "it's too early to go home. Do you wanna taste me? I mean, watch a flick with me?". She naughtily smiled and said "pagkatapos ng nangyari sating apat may dapat pa ba akong itago sayo".

We went straight to the movie house. I swear I can no longer recall the title of the movie as we are so busy kissing and touching each other. Good thing she has a big bag to cover us. From time to time, she's giving me a head while I let my hand do the talking down south. Chubby as she was, she really had soft boobies.

I can no longer stand the situation so I told her that there are private places near the area. But she refused. Ok na raw na ganun muna gawin namin para may thrill. What the?!!! Bitin na naman si manoy!

She came 4 times and I came twice. The movie ended and lights on! Time to go now.


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I was in a band with a couple of guys before (I was the only girl... there were 5 other guys) and it was quite common for us to go to each other's houses to write songs, lyrics, eat, sleep, practice one Saturday, I decide to go see one of them at his house...

and his grandmother's there for a visit...

he introduces me to granny as "jen, our flutist" and I say hi to his mum who's in the kitchen ... granny looks me up and down in my slutty pseudo-goth metal goddess get-up and gives me a half-smile (she's not a bad sort hahaha)

then we go to his bedroom... he leaves the door open and explains : so they don't suspect us of doing anything... silly

so I flop down on his bed and we're smoking and talking about gigs, peeps in other bands, music etc...

I start pointing to the pics on his bedroom wall ... who's that? what does he play - a Les Paul? while thinking all the while : jesus, he's got nice hair (band-mate's got long, naturally curly, curly hair - love curly hair on guys hehehe) ... not content with that, I saunter over to the pics and look intently at Gilbey Clarke while leaning over and giving him an eyeful of my butt cheeks in my white pek-pek shorts (and my brown leather boots which, for some strange reason, have screws tied to them ... never mind... ) ...

while examining Gilbey Clarke's hairstyle, smokin' horny band-mate comes over, leans into my back and slowly starts to stroke the back of my right upper thigh.... I turn to him and say "what?"

he grabs my upper arm half-roughly, turns me around and starts to kiss me... I hold onto the back of his neck and entwine my fingers (finally) into that gorgeous curly hair and start to kiss him back.... jesus, I knew he'd be a good kisser....

I snake my hand downwards and stroke his already-hardened c*ck outside of his jeans.... he gives this tiny half-groan and grabs my left booby... I feel like ... a conquering general... aha... I knew he's wanted me for a while ... I look up slyly into his face and wet my bottom lip...

I can feel little butterflies in the pit of my stomach and I unbutton my shorts and drop them to my ankles with my undies.... then I turn around again, hands on the hardwood wall and present him with the classic standing doggy position... band-mate puts his forefinger to his lips to say "ssssshhhhh... we have to be quiet" .... bedroom door's still open and mum and granny are still only a few feet away....

band-mate drops his jeans and takes out his hard-as-a-rock c*ck and starts to push it into my already slippery p*ssy.... then starts to pump.... oh god, he feels good.... sh*t.... but ok, ok... no groaning, no moaning....

he starts to pump faster while his hands are squeezing my hips, head hanging down and that long, long curly hair almost hanging down to my back swinging back and forth (he had longer hair than I did.... yummy ).... faster and faster, in and out and in and out... it was all I could do to keep from screaming and I look at Gilbey Clarke's 2-D poster and think .... now you know how to keep a secret, right? hahahaha

when he blows his load, he has to take out his c*ck and I give a little noise of protest .... no.... too soon ...

when I turn around, I see the little beads of sweat that've collected on his forehead and I wipe them away..... now, we didn't just do something silly, did we?

and he suddenly says in a loud voice : sige, maliligo lang ako tapos puntahan natin si Mark


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i've no pretensions of being a physically attractive guy. it's something i've learned to deal with since fourth year high school. that said, i'm the kind of bloke who goes to bars to just drink and watch people, the same way i join speed dating events just for the novelty of having new strangers to talk to. yep, i can spend hours just looking around at random people and make up funny little stories about them in my head. i'm weird that way. me being a fictionist, of course, weirdness is a given.

so... years ago, i was in this bar (or club or whatever you people call it these days), drinking, staring at no one in particular although i'm vaguely aware that there're a couple a' pretty girls in the general direction.

someone from a group of four women--she was, to be cliche, a "Pretty Young Thing" with pixie-cut hair and china eyes-- smiles and waves at my direction.

i look over my shoulder, no one's there, so i manage a smile and raise my glass to her. then, not really trying for anything, i just went back to drinking and peoplewatching, although i did start letting my eyes roam and not just stare out at one direction.

a few minutes later i'm getting another drink, someone taps my shoulder from behind, and it's china eyes. "pakipot," she giggles, obviously a bit tipsy. she asks me if she could sit with me for a while because her friends went out, and i wryly answer, "knock yer socks off, kiddo." while it was an egoboost to have someone as pretty as her sit with me, iniisip ko na pinagtritripan lang niya ako ng barkada niya, so i wasn't particularly enthusiastic about the thing.

as much as it annoys me sometimes, i'm a stickler for what the japanese call "tatemae" --something akin to social obligation-- so i start up a conversation with china eyes. i find out her name's marcie, and she and her friends were out de-stressing from finals' week, and she thought it was cute that i was "playing shy". playing shy. right, *rolleyes*

"hah!" i shoot back, "it's you're luck that i AM playing shy. you'd be in a more complicated position if i wasn't."

marcie gives me a... pleasant... shock when she leans in to grope my cr0tch, playfully bite my lip and whisper in an alcohol-laden-but-nevertheless-sexy voice, "maybe i like complicated positions." and damn me but she emphasized the last word with a just-enough squeeze to give little peter the go ahead.

i laugh and shake my head, pretending this thing happens to me all the time, while my heart's drumming like crazy because in all truth, it's the freakin' first, and say, "ay, inday, you do NOT know what you're asking for." all this time she's starting to stroke me in earnest. then her hand's in my pants, and she moans, "t@ng ina, ang tigas-tigas mo na." then she pulls out her hand, and starts to slide off her seat saying, "i wanna bl0w you."

and i smarta$$, out of nervousness, really, "bl0wj0b lang?"

marcie pauses. (now i'm slightly scared that i've finally succeeded in pissing her off... and slightly sorry... and a little slightly relieved.) then she grins abSOlutely naughtily, grabs my arm and pulls me up and out to the ladies room. inside, she half-drags ('cause really, what guy, in his right mind, would COMPLETELY resist?) me into the farthest available cubicle, and gives me a smouldering french SO hot i could feel my blood boil. partway into the kiss marcie's unbuckling my belt and freeing petey-boy from my boxers, so that by the time she lets off the kiss and moans "f*ck me" i'm good to go.

and inside my head, i'm, "teka lang... i'm the guy. i'm supposed to be the one in control of the situation." (have i mentioned that i have control issues? well, yeah, i do.) so i start kissing her neck and nibbling her ears while my left hand raises her skirt and good god no p@nties and i start teasing my d!ck up and down her pu$$y with my right hand. and she's moaning in earnest now, saying "sh!t, sige na, ipasok mo na!"

i do, and she moans as i slide in halfway into her. but instead of pumping away like crazy, i take her wrists in my hands, lead them up so that she was grabbing the edge of the cube wall, and i whisper in her ear. "let go and i'll stop. be a good girl and i'll make you c*m like there's no tomorrow."

marcie whimpers, nods, and i grab her @ss and lift her up and we go at it like rabbits in heat. i'm whispering all these dirty things into her ear, and all the time she's moaning and gasping, and she's biting her lip in an effort to keep quiet.

for the first few minutes, it's all okay for me, but when i feel myself nearing the edge, a stray thought hits my noggin': it's still on. she's trying to keep herself from c*mming first, trying to stay in control.

then i get another wicked thought. i let my left hand slide down marcie's perfect, pretty @ss, then start te@sing her backdoor. she gasps as my fingertip pushes in, moans, "no, no, please," but she DOESN'T let go of the wall. so i slide my finger all the way in, and she gasps "t@ng ina, t@ng ina" louder and louder as i work it in and out of her hole in time with my thrusts. and now she's moaning, her body's tensing, and she screams "F*CK!!!" as she c*ms hard, and i finally c*m too. marcie starts to weep quietly for a few seconds on my shoulder.

we stay like that for a while, braced against the wall, breathing hard, until marcie sniffles "pwede mo na akong ibaba." she's grinning, even as she wipes the tears from her eyes. "t@ng ina," she says, "that was... intense. i guess i lost."

huh? was she frickin' psychic?

then i notice the giggling from the cube just beside ours, and as marcie leads me out, HER FRIENDS are standing there grinning at us. one of them waves a mobile phone, and i hear, a little muted, the tinny version of marcie's voice screaming the F-word in release.

'LANGYA! pinagtritripan lang pala talaga ako!

marcie seemed to have enjoyed though (being realistic here. i don't pretend to be some sex god either.) since she asked if we could "maybe hook up again? maybe?" sometime later.

i agreed, of course.

so, i DID hook up with marcie again, got a hell of brainzinger too...

but THAT'S another story...


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i really like sleeping in the buff, aside from the comfort of feeling the soft satin on your body, i also heard that it's actually good for your skin. but enough of that. i woke up, feeling like i was going to be sick. it was 5:30 in the morning, and although i have a meeting at 8 AM, i contemplated not showing up for work. instead, i texted my boss and told her that i will be late, then went back to bed.

so there i was, lying on the bed naked, feeling really, really bad, when i spotted a white CD case tucked under the pile of my animes. i checked it out, but nothing was written on the cover. i crawled towards my DVD player and inserted the disc, and lo! and behold, it's porn: a blond, busty "teacher" asking for volunteers from her class. two studs stood up, and she proceeded to suck them, one at a time, then at the same time. things heated up and they started to f*ck her. all the while, i was there, watching the full-colored wonder on my TV. i was starting to feel really horny, so i started rubbing my p*ssy, which is under my dark blue blanket. the action was really intense on screen, but it's also heating up on my end. i was about to reach climax when i heard a knock on my door. i hurriedly turned off the TV, and covered myself with my blanket. when i opened the door, it was my boyfriend, who just came from the office. i greeted him with a hungry kiss, to which he replied "anong meron?". i pulled him to the bed and turned the TV on again, showing the trio of porn stars. "that's mine", he said. "ok siya", i answered. he put his arms around me, and he noticed that i was naked. "bakit ka ready for action?", he asked. but he did not wait for my reply and started to undress. he pushed me down the bed, tore the blanket off me, and proceeded to go on top of me. i asked "what's the hurry?" but he shushed me, then inserted his d*ck into my very wet p*ssy. i was moaning with pleasure, echoing the "teacher" on the TV. after a while, i felt my insides getting warmer, my body started to twitch and i said his name out loud. i came, just as the men on the movie were unloading their juices on the pretty "teacher's" face. my boyfriend smiled at me, but after a few more thrusts, he too was twitching, pushing harder and harder, whispering "i'm cumming, i'm cumming" on my ear, then collapsed on top of me.

i took his tshirt and wore it, since i had to go and prepare so that i can leave for the office. he, on the other hand, planted a soft, sweet kiss on my lips, said "i love you", then lied down the bed. he needed to sleep because his shift was during the night. i kissed him on the cheeks and wished him sweet dreams. i turned off the TV, took the CD out of the player, and tucked it with my animes, for future references of course.

i just hope that my niece doesn't see it when she decides to borrow one of my movies.


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This happened a long time ago...back when I was nearly innocent.
I was hanging out at my kuya's pad, a studio type apartment somewhere in the metro. The night before we had a little party some of his friends who were kinda my friends too.

I had the biggest crush on one of his friends. I met him a week before the party when i visited my brother at his college. I loved hanging out at his tambayan, back then i thought it was the coolest place on campus...heck...on earth. It was a merging place for budding artists, painters...musicians and plain weirdos. I was sitting on the backrest of an old bench, elbows on my knees, butt crack exposed on low cut levi's, mid rib tank top. trying to balance with my leather mid calf boots anchored to the seat of the bench.

I turned around and nearly fell of the bench. I saw him, the hunk from my dreams( future dreams hehe) walking towards our spot.

He took off his aviator glasses slowly as his long wavy hair whips his face with the wind. I think i had instant orgasms watching him walk. He was wearing white shirt and faded torn jeans. They introduced us. After that i kinda pretended that he doesn't exist.

At my brother's party i was confined to the living room, while they had poker, beer, jutes inside and I...the baby sister, wasn't allowed in. I was having margarita my bro mixed for me on my own and was doodling out of boredom when he sat beside me. I wanted to faint, his face was 1 feet away from mine, while we talked, and all the time he never tore his eyes away from was the first time anybody ever flirted with me that way. Whenever i see him lick his lower lips, i couldn't stop swallowing, the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife... we talked until 3 or 4 am...i lost track of the time, I got too sleepy and squeezed myself between the sleeping guests in my brother's room.

Morning... i suddenly woke up...somebody was caressing my tummy, it was a pleasant feeling. The pleasant feeling moved lower...tracing my panties. I was so shocked i grabbed the hand and opened my was him!

A little later all of the guests left including my brother, i told him i'll clean up while they were gone (i'm a good little sister) I washed the glasses piled up in the sink. I was singing to myself when hands suddenly from behind held my soapy hand still on a glass. I didn't realize he was still there, and was showering when everybody went out.
He pressed his body to mine, almost embracing me while we washed the glass together...then he started kissing my lips...i was trembling. I have never been kissed that way before. i rinsed off the soap and he dragged me to bed. He was wearing polka dotted boxers...and looked absolutely yummy, first time i saw 6 packs up close and personal. I trailed my fingers on his abs while i sat at the corner of the bed, and he was standing in front of me, caressing my head. I pulled the boxers lower and saw pink ****. I was too scared to touch it. He tilted my chin up and locked his lips on mine as he tried to undo my bra....

I didn't know what to do, i just froze and moaned.
He laid me down on my back . He slowly pulled out my shirt and exposed my frilly pink bra. He's 6 packs were glistening with beads of sweat, when he bent over me, i licked his nips while i held onto his hips to pull him lower. I saw him shut his eyes tight...and heard him groan softly.

then i heard something altogether different...the creaking sound of metal gates opening... DAMN!

His eyes widened. touched my lips with his fingertips ...put on his shorts and went to the gate... I heard him talk to someone... bitin!

I put on my shirt and my shorts...when he went back in and pulled me into an embrace and started licking my lips again. He laid me down on the bed again...and this time didn't bother to take off my shirt, just raised it a bit to lick my then not fully grown boobs...It was a different arms were dotted with goosebumps...and it went all the way to my legs and my back. He stopped. I didn't want him to. He raised his head to my face, As he stared in my eyes...he felt me inside with his fingers. I shivered. He licked his fingers, without breaking eye contact. He lowered his hips and buried his thing in mine, while slowly lowering his head to lock lips again. His long wavy hair plastered with sweat on his neck and shoulders almost dripped with sweat and he continued rocking me, staring into my eyes...not saying one word. I felt the my first explosions and arched my back holding on to him...not wanting the explosions to stop, and he continued pounding...then he suddenly pulled it out and squirted everything on his 6 packs.

the day after that, i found out he was getting married soon...


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years ago (and i write this with a sigh and another realization: it seems that all my sexual shenanigans happened years ago. where'd the happy days fly off to?) i was walking up the stairwell of a building in... hmmmn... the metro, shall we say? and i get this sudden urge to call up my girl at the time, betts. it was somewhere around three in the afternoon and i knew that her firm was closing up shop around that time.

"hey, blinky!" she answers enthusiastically. "napatawag ka?" (okay, okay, so it's a childish nickname... don't drag me over coals for it! sheesh)

"i missed ya, binibini," says me. "i'm picking you up, okay? sabay na tayo umuwi."

"bilisan mo," she replies. "ako na lang 'ata ang tao dito sa office."

"hmmn. talaga lang ha?" i ask, with no pretension of the question NOT being a double entendre.

and she gets it, of course. "talaga," she answers with a naughty edge to her tone. "kahit siguro umungol ako ng malakas dito, walang makakarinig."

it's my stop at the stairwell, so i decide to buy some "quality time" with betts. i lean against the stair rail. (because, really, to call those things balustrades would be a tad too hoity-toity dontcha think?) and say, "industrial strength pa naman 'yung chair mo diyan. minsan nga iniisip ko how it would feel if i sat there, and YOU sat on my lap... i think it could stand a session of godd hard f*cking."

i paused for a while, partly because, i knew if she wasn't really in the mood, she'd have some snarky comment to shoot back at me. (ganun kasi kami, we were a "witty repartee" kind of couple...) and the other part was because i wanted to let the image sink into her imagination. she doesn't answer.

"god, i love the weight of your tight little a$s settled against my crotch. feeling your warmth against me," i continue. "ano'ng suot mo ngayon, 'yung good girl skirt mo?"

"hindi," she half gasps. "yung pula."

"ah... hindi ba that was the one you were wearing when i made you c*m in *****w***?" i mention the name of this fast food joint where i fingered her despite (or maybe because? it was a challenge... *shrugs*) of the scads of kids and people in general around us.

"sh!t, yes..." betts is breathing hard now, ragged. and givng half-inaudible "uh, uh"s which meant her other hand was already busy.

"elzabetta, are you touching yourself?" i ask in a faux-prudish tone. unnecessarily, of course. what can i say? i have the slightest streak of cruelty, when it comes to sex. she doesn't answer.

"don't touch your pu$$y, lover, not yet, mkay?" i say. she just "mh"s, so i go on. "just imagine what i'd do... imagine you WERE sitting on top of me. my hand tracing the curve of your lips... pushing into your mouth... loving the feel of your tongue, flicking, stroking..." and every time i said something, i pause long enough for her to have time to do what i was describing.

i keep at it. "then i'd trace my finger down the line of your neck... trace the neckline of your blouse where MY tongue would be in a little while... then that narrow strip of skin where your blouse and your skirt meet, warm, soft... where does my hand go, bettsy? where does it go?"

"up," she gasps. "up." she's played this game enough times to know i'd keep the teasing for as long as i could.

"good girl," i whisper. (this is, actually, an important thing between us, my calling her a "good girl" now and then. but it would be a complicated thing to explain.) "up, brushing slightly aginst that cute bellybutton of yours... stroking slowly up and down between your bre@sts... cupping them... giving them soft little squeezes... (she gasps "yes" here.) pinching your nipples..."

"basang-basa na 'ko, ***** (insert my real name here. )" she moans. "please..."

"two fingers, lover," i say. and she gives this long ragged gasping "ahhh" of a woman who's on the brink. "slowly, just up to the first knuckle." torture, haha. "let it build up, bettsy. you know you'll love it..."

"f*ck me!" she half-sobs, half-hisses, like she was annoyed and desperate all tied up in one warm, wet, pre-orgasmic wrapper.

"go," was all i had to say. and she was sobbing and moaning and gasping and cussing.

i, on the other hand, stepped up to the stairwell door, swung the door open and walked up to the cubicle i'd been intending to go to since the whole thing started.

got there just in time to see bettsy, skirt hiked up, right hand pumping furiously at her pu$$y, left hand desperately keeping the phone held against her ear. still not realizing i was there, she lets out a "f*ck!" that shifts into a high-pitched squeal as she c*ms hard, trying to keep from being noisy. then, as she's moaning softly as she gets down from her high, i pipe up, grinning, "akala ko ba, okay lang mag-ingay? ba't ka nagpipigil?"

she jolts up like she's hit by lightning at the sound of my voice. then, seeing it's just me, betts starts sobbing and tosses a book at me with an annoyed shout: "G@GO!"

yeph, i can be a d!ck, sometimes. hehe. but at least, i'm a fun d!ck.


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Let's call him John... On camera, he looks like a moreno version of John LLoyd cruz. I've watched him jack off a lot of times on cam, and most of our ym conversations end with him playing with his timmy as F A puts it.
I've watched him go red and sweaty a lot of times needless to say I already imagined him doing it with me for a long time. I never expected the real thing tho...beside him...i'd look like his yaya. or as my friend would say.... tagilid pare.

One day he told me he wants to skip law classes that afternoon and wanted to do the real thing with me. I hesitated. When the god's look down on earth and asks a mortal to do it with don't say no...para kang nagtampo sa bigas nyan.

That afternoon, I rushed to SM...Finally saw him in flesh and blood. He didn't look so intimidating in person, but not any less hot. He told me he wanted to go to the movies first, then, go check in after. (In my mind I was screaming...hell no! why waste time in the movies!! when we can go straight and start humping!) We went in anyway...I can't remember the title anymore, All i remember was feeling so awkward walking with him...damn...i feel like his yaya.

We sat in one of the darkest corners. The moment we got settled in, he held my hands (ok...i see he wanted GFE.... not wh*re hook up experience) I let him alone, not rushing him...I didn't wanna scare him off. I just stared at the screen like any shy girl friend would... GFE it is...

He draped his arms around me, and let me lean on his shoulders. while he caress me shoulders. With his other hand he tilted my chin and started kissing me. I could not pretend to be shy anymore, so I placed my hand on top of his bulge...Not any of the time I watched him play with timmy did I expect that he would be that HUGE! and hard! I unzipped his fly, and starting groping him. It was warm, hard and pulsating and I was already sweating like mad. Nothing on earth would stop me from bending over, and giving him head. It tasted so good I never wanted to stop sucking. He was arching his back and his eyes were squeezed shut. He didn't moan though...thank goodness for that, I didn't want the guards to get there and stop me... But he did...he stopped me , and whispered ..."let's go"

I would have licked the ground if he asked me to. He is my master, I am his slave.

We got a cab and went where we're supposed to go in the first place. A few minutes later, he finally locked the door ... and already started stripping. He wanted to join me shower...I didn't want that. So he waited buck naked under the sheets while i showered. The moment I got out, We started making out. He was not the expert kisser, but I'm not complaining. I didn't wanna waste anymore time...i pushed him down...I wanted to tie him up at the head board, but i didn't have anything with me to tie him down. So i just moved his hands on top of his head and started worshipping his body... finally... a guy with a little bit of chest hair...not as much as I want, but I'm not complaining. He smelled so manly, with only the faintest whiff of perfume. I could have licked him all over forever...we were both so silent, not even moans escaped us. He let me do, whatever I wanted with his body, with his was...isang dangkal. I couldn't wait to get it in me...He was so rigid... the skin over timmy was so taut, if i got it any stiffer, his skin would rip...but that didn't stop me from trying to taste all of it... That moment i realized why it was called deep throat.

A few minutes more of that and I'm sure he's squirt, so I stopped DT'ng my master and rode him. Like a virgin. He was soo huge, for a moment I thought i would feel it rip... I had to slowly let it sink, and all the time while I sink it, I watched his eyes glaze over... and murmur...."'re tight...damn....why are you tight.. ****'re so wet..."

When i sunk it all...I almost shrieked...I could feel it all inside me...and it felt sooo good. I started moving my hips...slowly I didn't want to miss any of the feeling, with his eyes shut. he gripped my hips and started moving in sync with me. He pushed me to the side...and started spooning me... I could still feel it all and everything about him...his warm skin,his sweat...and his whole body rubbing against my back and his arms around me... then he finally groaned, withdrew and released. He whispered…”tahimik ka din no? “ I answered…” is that bad? …”to which he replied ...nah tahimik din naman ako…

We were both silent and we just lay down...silent. After a few minutes...he started stroking me...and when i touched his thing...surprise! still stiff...i smiled...and went on top of him again. After a few minutes of me riding him…he flipped me over… had me bent on the headboard and starting slamming timmy into me from the back. I nearly screamed…but since I couldn’t I clammed my teeth onto the pillows. He gripped my hips harder and went on and on…until he suddenly collapsed on the bed…second round was over…I wasn’t quite satisfied yet, but I know I can still wait out for my turn. We talked about the moon and the stars…A few minutes into the conversation…He was groping me again. This time he started again with me bent over…squeezing my arse with his hands while doing it. This time we came at the same time. I was so sticky, I excuse myself …I needed a shower …badly.
When I got back from the shower…he pulled me close. And was surprised… round 4 and he was still good to go. Timmy was as stiff as the same time I felt it, and it was nowhere near like getting limp soon. This time he pushed me back on the bed and I was lying face up. He angled for more depth, this time with light strokes. He’s not in a hurry he told me. But soon enough, he shot his load again, and I came for the nth time. On our 7th…he was almost limp…he was smiling like a fool …and while we were lying down side by side we just stared at ourselves on the mirror. He got bored looking, and asked me to go sideways…and hugged me from behind…while he rubbed his still limp Timmy against my arse….surprise…something poked me…timmy was good to go again. I almost groaned…I mean come on! We’re barely an hour inside…and he’s like given me 1 week worth of effin already. But I’m his slave , and it’s not like I don’t want it…so we went on….and on again…
Round 11… He stood up on the bed…while I knelt in front of him. I didn’t get surprised when for the 11th time Timmy came to attention. I wasn’t nearly as dead tired as I thought I would be. This time, DT didn’t make me gag... and he nearly squashed my face in front of him. . .
To cut this long long story shorter (I’ll fill in the details next time)… after the 11th round… he was dead beat, lying on the bed…and I was coming my hair while I sat on one corner of the bed. He asked me…why are you tighter than my gf? I forgot what I answered back then.
We still ym from time to time. I still get buck naked whenever he wants me to. But we never got the chance to get a go at it again.



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I was a sophomore in college. I’ve met ‘Jen’ Nguyen in my Asian-American Club when we were freshman, we didn’t really become friends until that year we got the same class together.

Jen is one of those pretty girls, lean, has a pretty face, and although she’s got the stereotypical Chinese-Viet body—skinny, pasty pale skin, no ***---her only redemption is that she’s got nice C cup tittays.

Of course I didn’t notice, nobody really did, because Jen was a stereotypical Asian nerd. She doubled majored in Physics and Mathematics, and there’s nothing outwardly sexy about her.

She dresses like a nerdy dude sometimes, with a criss cross between a FOB (which she isn’t) and a 10 year old Hello Kitty fan. She’s got this long hair that touches her butt that she put into a bun, wears thick glasses, and she wears no make up (she doesn’t know how). The only guy that noticed her was Joey, her drunken Russian boyfriend from NY. Match made in heaven: beer belly partier and nerdy Asian girl.

So me and Jen became closer in this evening class: Calculus. I don’t mind it, it’s hard, but of course to Jen it’s like second nature. She usually teaches me step by step the problems; she’d grab my notebook and solve the problem on it as the teacher is explaining it on the board. She’d write “?” at the end of each equation which means “any questions?”

Sometimes I’d come over her apt. to study. I like Jen because you can talk to her like a guy, we’d watch Simpsons/Southpark together, I’d tell her which chic I want to ask out in our club, **** like that. Sometimes she’s like a mom, calls me to remind me on a Saturday night to remember that homework is due on Monday. Although I’m probably in some basement of half drunk, I’d tell her “Thanks Jennster, I will.” I’d been working out a lot then, vanity of trying to get stupid freshmen girls you know? A lot of guys from HI were doing the same.

But lately Jen had been giving me compliments about my arms in subtle sublime ways. Of course I’d brush it off cuz she’s one of the dudes to me. Sometimes she’d complain about her bf, how much of a snob he is, he doesn’t take care of himself etc. But Jen is Jen to me, nothing more or less.

One night during the mid of the semester, I think I hurt her feelings. We were talking about random things, and then it got serious: she’s talking about love, how she’d wish to be a princess like all the other girls etc. But I laughed it off thinking it’s a joke, but what got her was before I left I told her something along the lines of: ‘Jen, you’re so predictable, you are soooo predictable.

I can tell what you’re going to do tomorrow and how you’re going to dress. It’s not like rocket physics or something.’ After that she was just quiet. As I was walking home, I felt like a total jerk. What a jackass would say that to friend, she’s a girl even if she’s Jen. So I got back to my dorm on the other side of campus, called her and acted like I just wanted to tell her I got back fine, and that I wanted to clarify a couple of things about how to divide functions or something.

She picked up the phone but she sounded like she was sad, or even crying. I felt so bad, but I didn’t want to bring up what I’ve said but I told her I’ll see her in class on Monday and take care. I totally forgot about the incident.

On Monday, no Jen in class. Wednesday? No Jen. I start worrying so I emailed her. No reply. I called her and left her a message. Nothing. Even on the lab on Thursday she wasn’t there. On Friday I went to her apartments her roommate said she’s gone to the library. So I left.

Next Monday I was late in class, so I sat in the back. Looked around Jen wasn’t there. Then as the professor was just about ready to teach Jen came thru the backdoor. She looked different. Her hair was undone, traces of make up on her, she’s wearing a loose camise over and open sweater.

The only seat open was next to mine. (Science classes in the US usually have a big table and high chairs for two people each table.) She sat down without making no contact, so I said, “Hey Jennie.” She replied with “Hello Mr. Slacker, how have you been?” without looking at me. I asked her if she did the homework so I could copy hers before the professor collected it.

She said she did the hw but I won’t be copying hers to teach me a lesson. During class I was bothered by it so I wrote “Sorry I’d been jackass lately. Really sorry Jennie.” She looked at it and just set it aside, went back to taking notes. Towards the end of class, she reached for my eraser with her chest brushing my sweater. Used it put it back, but what I soon noticed was that her boob was still on my elbow. I didn’t move it, I was waiting for her to move it, not to make it anymore awkward between us. Next thing I know I felt her hand brushed on my leg.

Oh probably just an accident. But then they rested on it. Okay. She then started rubbing on that leg slow broad strokes. Like feeling all the shape of my thighs. I looked at her, she was just looking at the board and taking note with her other hand. Mind you I started getting hot and awkward.

I mean its Jen stroking my leg! After that she slowly moved up and grabbed the bulge in my pants. She started light strokes. By this time my little timmy was getting hard, but when she started grabbing at it harder, rubbing denim on the tip of my **** pushed it to super size. She then slowly and quietly unzipped my pants and reached in. She didn’t go in it, but she grabbed my hard on around with my boxers and she rubbed it bit by bit, her thumb doing circles up and down on the top part of my ****.

I wanted to moan really loud, but I just stared into the white board and bit my pencil. I tried to stop her but for some reason I just couldn’t, my left hand just ended up stroking her forearm as she jacked me off in class. Right elbow started to move, trying to feel her soft ****. She wasn’t wearing a bra. They were nice and soft. She leaned in extra so that I could feel her boobs fully.

I looked at her. We were both breathing heavily, but she was staring at the board, like nothing was going on except I can tell she’s hot too, I looked down on her neck it was kinda blushing, and then down to her cleavage (first time I saw her with it) and it was vague but I could see traces of hardened nipples leaning on that silky black shirt.

I was holding on the table sitting back and just loving each and every stroke, but at the same time paranoid: we were in the middle of class afterall. So I looked at her again, this time she was looking at me she grabbed my binder and wrote on it. As she was doing so she grabbed timmy hard as **** and started stroking it with violence and speed like she’s trying to make me blow.

I had to look away and bit my tongue so that I wouldnt give out a whimper. When she’s done writing she stopped at the base of my penis and just held tight not moving. I looked at my binder and she wrote “You want me stop little pussy” with the ? underneath it as usual. I was sweating slightly, it’s like purgatory. You wanted to blow but you can’t, you want it to just end but you can’t. So I wrote back “No.” She loosened the grip a bit and wrote “Say Please *****.” You gotta be ****ing kidding me?! This isn’t happening right now. Pride, shock and awkwardness is up in the air, I mean an hour ago Jen was just my nerdy friend. Now she holds me by the balls, literally. I had no choice so I leaned in to her and said “Please.”

She leaned in closer and whispered, “Please, what?” I hesitated. Her face was just cold and emotionless. I answered “Please,… Jen.” I saw a brief triumphant smile. So she loosened her grip and slid her hands through the slit of my boxers and grabbed timmy by the flesh. Her hands were smooth but cold. She stroke my boner slowly, caressing the veins that popped on the shaft that she could find. She gripped her four fingers around it and stroke it nice and hard. Every minute, she would stop at the tip of it and would use her thumb to make circles around the opening of my penis, sending my head to bow down so nobody could see as I bit my tongue and sucked in air.

She jacked it off so good I almost unloaded in class, but before I was to do so, she’d stop, hold the base of my shaft and looked at me and smile. Now it’s about nearing the end of class when she stopped. Zipped my pants and started putting her stuff away. She sat there with her hands on her backpack staring as the teacher was reminding us what was due next class. Me on the other hand was sitting there stunned, with still a huge boner, staring at her like WTF just happened. She looked at me as everybody got up to leave, mockingly sensual she said “Gee it must be hot in here huh Mr. Slacker? Let’s get out of here, too hot for you….”

I got off the chair trying to maneuver with a full hard on (all guys know this trick) still stunned that this chic literally had me on her leash just like that. I wanted to just walk away trying to salvage the pride of manhood by defiance, but like earlier during class I couldn’t say no. As she was walking out the door she looked back at me “You coming?...Come on.” I just couldn’t say no for some reason. Lust was all that was in my mind. And she grabbed my sweater sleeve and led me through the corridor. Like a pet on a leash.


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Jennie pulled my sweater walking out of class. We were inside the science department building, on the second floor where the labs are at. Going out of class there were tons of students walking out, but we know for sure the corridors would be empty in a few minutes when everybody heads out for a Friday night binge or something. At first I felt like people were looking at me, paranoid the fact that someone noticed our deed inside the class. But sure enough it was just fantasy. My mind was preoccupied but what is in front.

Jennie was never sexy to me. Not because she wasn’t gorgeous physically, but because she was my nerdy friend. The kinda girl that makes stupid jokes about math; that notices little nonsense in a movie about numbers, who wears thick tie dye shirts, and complains about how her roommate is so vain and high maintenance. But that night it is the immovable fact. Jen is a fricking goddess that I’ve been blind about. Her pants actually fitted her, they were nice and tight, not the usual baggy tacky pants she wore everyday. At kept staring at the sway of her hips, sensual slow and as if with a purpose. She never walked like that before, but it looks so natural. She wasn’t wearing any belts as usual so the top of her pant waist was loose, every time she walked I could see something pink with light green stripes…almost like those Kerro Kerro something frogs. Against her soft pale skin, it was ravishingly cute.

Every twenty paces or so she’d look back. She was still dragging me by the sweater sleeve. When she turns around I switch my gaze from her buns to her head. She has a look of excitement, it is benign, with small creases that might have been smiles. She was wearing contacts, something she hates doing. Her hair was undone, not the nasty bun she has it in, and as she glides in the hall her hair bounced. It wasn’t the typical long FOB style; she trimmed it and it was curled. The sheen on the hair makes it seem her hair was even darker, and accentuated those lips that she usually did not put lipstick on. That night she was wearing reddish pink that had lit her mouth sexier as smiled. The last time she looked back, she said curtly “We’re going upstairs. I want to talk to you.”

By upstairs she meant the fourth floor. It was where the Earth science department held their classes. And by that time no one is in there. Of course the hall is lit, but the classrooms were pitched dark, with all the tall chairs put up. I almost asked where we were going…but every time I try I’m overcome by her smell that blew to me as she hurried in front: it was the Plumeria flavored perfume I gave her months ago from Hawai’i as a small ‘pasalubong’.

We passed about 2 classrooms when all of a sudden like it was just a normal room she stopped in front of the third, about the middle of the corridor, a dark room on the right and opened the door. For a second I tried to be real with myself, I thought you know what she “wants to talk about.” That I should walk away if I want to keep our good friendship intact. But when you’re mesmerized by lust, your logic tends to have very great rationality: Jen is my friend and she wants to talk. Lol. So for a split second as my conscience thought it through, Jennie went it not looking back, as if she knew what was in my head, that it was the last time I have the chance to stay where we were…the door slowly swung after her. But before it shut, my hand clutched it, I cracked it big enough to step in and walked in after her.

When I got in she was in the middle of walkway between the counter tops and sink and the tall tables. Her hand resting on the granite countertop as if waiting for me. By this time my boner has subsided, but it doesn’t mean the heat has left my core. And I’ve been burning every step that I took, even those few to get from the door to her. And walked nonchalantly in front of her, as if we were going to have one of those Starbucks conversations…in a dark room on a Friday night in a secluded part of campus.

I almost uttered “So…uh what’s up Jen?”, but she grabbed me by the sweater and pushed in to the wall, which was between a break in counter tops. And leaned forward, her hands still balled up on my sweater. For a second it might have looked like some bully kicking a little boy’s ***, she was as tall as me, but I sort leaned back as I was pushed into the cold wall. Her breath was on my cheeks for a second, then got closer. Her lips locked into mine hard. She kissed hard like she’s never going to kiss someone ever again. Like a parched animal for a drink. It took me a second to settle in and join as her tongue crawled inside mine. She met mine as leaned in closer, as if sucking my face in. Her tongue on the other hand took time in rubbing against mine, then as it glide above to my gums, to the crevices on the side of my tongue.

We were in that position for a good five minutes; it felt so good I didn’t notice time at all. Then the sound of a ‘click’ as we withdrew from the long kiss. We both opened our eyes together, examining each other with a lover’s stare, with a quick up and down glance, that then drew in for a quick sensuous after kiss. She then quickly slowly pulled out her tongue out of my mouth; glide it down my cheeks where it slowly made its way down to my right ear in a slow circular caress. But before reaching my ear she loosened her fist, her hands slowly lowering down to my waist pockets, where I met it with mine. I were stroking each others’ hand as if in a loving embrace while my right was found its way down her lower back just resting and supporting her, while her right arm rested inside my pants pocket.
She kissed my neck with slowly and passionately.

As she was doing so, she as slowly muttering words that I barely understood. “You don’t notice me do you? Do you see me now, Mr. Slacker?” in slow deliberate wording. Of course my mind I was saying this is wrong, she’s my friend, be a man control yourself. So I tried telling her half purposely “Jenn…I don’t this is right, you have a boyfriend and we’re friends” as small sweat built up in me. She didn’t respond just kept on kissing my neck, then slid down her tongue in a massive wet sweep into my ears. She swallowed my earlobe and licked it. Then she slid down her tongue into my ear. My hand behind her back was of course caressing it. I slipped in under her shirt touching he smooth back making soft circles followed by a nice longing clutch of handful of skin. I can tell she liked it: every time I grabbed her skin harder, she breaths through her nose deeper. Then as I made a way down her nice soft rump inside her pants, she pushed her body closer, withdrew her tongue out from my ear for a second and said “Tell me to stop and I’ll stop…” Did I say stop? Of course not. Just silence and satisfied soft ‘ahhs’ from her kisses. She began kissing me again and said “I knew that’s what you say…”

We started kissing on the lips, this time she her right hand wrapped around my neck, her left caressing my back. We didn’t care then, just crazy in each others embrace, time just flew. Eventually I was done caressing her back, so I slid my hands inside her shirt. I felt a little jump as she probably was surprised of my cold hand longingly caressing her skin, my fingers searching her nice soft ****. When I found ‘em I fondled them hard, which she gave a little ‘ohh’ to, then I slow hand my index finger trace the soft stubble around her nipples, then trace the glide my side of it up to the tip. I let her breast rest on my thumb as my palms cuddled her soft soft ****.

When she pulled away from me, she looked at me and said “You know how many times I stared at you but you never even see me? Well let me show you what I had in mind every time I did.” Or something along those lines (I don’t remember but I’m almost sure it was something like that), I don’t quiet remember. Then down she goes, first my neck, then my chest then my midsection…slowly licking as I stood there with a gigantic boner. Every time she licked she looked up, her pale skin ominously kinky against my darker shade of brown. Every lick she’s look up with those deep almond shaped eyes as if asking for compliments for permission.

And down she went now she’s on her knees her head in front of my bulge. She didn’t waste a second, opened my belt, unbutton m pants, unzipped it halfway. I was wearing loose boxers so it wasn’t hard to slide just my **** halfway. Just halfway…lol. Her one hand grabbed at my back pocket for support as she grabbed my **** with the other. It started with a lick that sent me enormous excitement, followed by her tongue gliding down bottom of my shaft as the rest of my exposed **** went it side her warm mouth. It tightened as it licked, in a matter of sucking, and then slowly pulled out with a ‘pop’. She would put it inside again and then start all over: lick, suck, swallow deeper, and then pulling it out. It was amazing,

I wouldn’t have in my imagination of all people that Jennie, my ol gal pal, would be bobbing at my **** and send me absolute euphoria. In a few my pants were halfway down my leg, my di ck was all the way out, her palms holding it as she sucked by my balls which she cuddled. It was dark of course, but still as any man’s instinct to want to see it go inside her mouth. So every time she bobbed, I had swept her hair from the side, gathered it out back into a ball and watch Jennie stare at me as she sucked it, then down as she shoved it all the way in her mouth.

It was kinda funny, the room was dark, the only light that showed me her pretty face’s swallowing my manhood came from the hallway through door glass pane and the lights from the outside through the window. Despite of it all, I don’t know what was the delight, the great pleasure she gave me through it, or finally noticing her beautiful China doll face, as little light carved the curves and angles of her beautiful face as it contrasted with the dark. Ironic.


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im a member of an online matchmaking site for quite some time now and i have netted some girls along the way. one of my most sinful and yet exciting encounter is with a girl that we'll hide in the name Stewardess.

Her name already gives away what her job description is - on top of that, a supervisor/manager. Stewardess is already married and has an offspring... so why would she hook up with me then? That, i will not tell.

It was that fateful day that Stewardess answered to my call of lust. It was one of my easiest catch and I even began to think that she's pulling my leg. She's even the first one who asked me if i could be her fubu which to my surprise, too good to be true! I mean, doesn't she even think that the person she's chatting might look like chitae or bentong? Well, all is good and everything so even if it ended up as a joke, it wouldn't be bad right?

We've set a date to meet (and the bed stuff), in a coffee shop at a mall nearby. To my surprise, she showed up! She was completely the anti-thesis of the meztizas and the perky women! Witty, knows how to play along and you won't even feel inferior when you're with her.

So, as a gentleman that I am, I treated her for a cold beverage and exchange some words while we wait. Coffee came and I hinted at her to go somewhere private which she agreed!

"Shower lang ako ha" she said, leaving me in a dimly lit room. The bathroom door closed but i didn't hear the lock latching. i patiently waited for her to finish as i started to undress.

she exited the bathroom only with her towel on as she placed her clothes on a table. i walked towards her and landed a kiss on her nape while i caress her butt with her towel. "buti naman pumayag ka" i naughtily grinned as i whispered to her, "pwede ka naman eh" she replied and then meeting my lips with hers.

we exchanged kisses as i guided her towards the bed. she took off her towel and revealed to me her delicious chest - nipples are erect and quite stiff as i started to play my tongue with it while the other hand massages the other. her hand made its way towards my tool, feeling the stiffness and its throbbing with every stroke she makes.

she isnt dry herself when my hand found her orifice and ive been wondering how this MILF would taste like. she was already giving me head so why wouldn't i play with hers? its getting me into the groove as my tongue began to circle around her button with my index finger began to thrust inside of her. she moaned while stroking my hard-on with every thrust and revolution i did on her pleasure area

and it was a signal for me that I HAVE TO DO HER GOOD! she laid flat on her back, dreary and dreamy with our foreplay as i kissed her again. our tongues entwined like rotating turbines - like beasts hungry for each other as i guided my tool to enter her.

she was warm AND TIGHT! i cant believe a woman like her would be this good! she was the total dream MILF to date in my life! i began to thrust into her and she moans with every action - clinging into me tightly that i could feel her nails bury into my back. her wetness began to overflow, heightening the pleasure with every action. it didnt took long until her breathing and moaning began to hasten as i could also feel that i was about to explode. i hurried up, hasten the pumping and even clutching her thighs just so she wouldnt move away.

her vagina tightens and my tool was ready to explode, her face is twisted in pleasure and i knew from that moment that she had cummed. i pulled out my tool and stroke it a few times to release my load on her belly and laid beside her enjoying the afterglow



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This is for those who likes IMMORAL and FORBIDDEN.

I banged my professor who happens to be married (and with a kid) at the same time… not once, not twice but a whole lotta times.

How did it happen? Well read on.

Conference chatting with your professor and classmates has its perks… you gain access to those individuals whom you long for. I’ve had a huge crush on my professor since freshmen year but I never got the chance to ask for her number or email or what not. I almost lost hope when during senior year the entire class proposed that we use YM conference to hold coaching sessions to lessen the burden of going to school and to promote efficiency. We all agreed since it’s very beneficial to all of us.

After one of such conferences I sent a private message to my prof and initiated casual chatting. I told her that IF I pass my senior year (which is hell) I’d treat my profs and my friends to a spa. From there our conversation wormed its way to US going to a high end spa with just the two of us, LOVERS PACKAGE, a week from the day of our chat session. However, we never talked about sex or anything related to it. Neither was sex impliedly included in the menu. But going to a spa with my crush is made me happy.

The day came and we went through the usual spa ceremonies but what I didn’t expect is that we would share a hot tub together before going to the message proper. When the attendant left I told her that she could have the tub and that the water is too hot for me anyways. Well she saw through façade and told me to just dip in with her.

Well I don’t think she knew what would happen next. The moment we hit the bottom of the tub I made my move. I served french kiss, groping, and nipple pinches. She was REALLY hesitant at first but she finally gave in after a while.

We then went to a nearby motel and did our thing there. I had her for only two rounds, one right after we checked in and another one before we left. Making her “cross over” was really difficult, holding my own was even harder since her “womanhood” really knows how to clench my “woodpecker”. We only did the woman on top position, coz it’s her favorite. She likes being in control of things and I gave her that.

A few days after that I went to their apartment to deliver a report, coincidentally she was all alone. I grabbed the chance and she blowed me in the bathroom till I came. We then scheduled another “session” a week or so after that. We checked in at a motel about an hour from her place. I did her over and over again, for twelve hours. This time, however, she was SAFE. I didn’t ask for permission I just popped it in. She didn’t mind, I could see it in her happy (not just satisfied) eyes. She didn’t have to tell me that she felt disappointed every time I withdraw. So I just kept popping it in.

I asked her to shave her “heaven” so that I could go down on her without having to pick pubic hair out of my teeth every now and then. She did and I made her feel the difference. She comes easy when I go down on her. She really liked being licked. Imagine a cat drinking water, then image a tongue (the entire pad and not just the tip) pressing hard, and upward, on a clit over and over again. From then onwards she would wear a trimmed “kitten” and would always expect (but never ask) me to go down on her.

Again I went to their house to deliver another report but this time she wasn’t alone. We discussed extensively the progress of my group and tossed around a few ideas on how to improve our performance. After a while her husband left for his parents’ house and took their daughter with him, the grandparents can’t get enough of their grandchild. Then the maid had to go to the market. First we tried the sofa but I’ve always wanted the master’s bed so I did her there afterwards. We already did the bathroom before, so I ate her inside the maid’s quarters until she came.

Again her apartment, but this time it’s a sleep over. Our entire group had to finish our reports in time for graduation. We hit a wall on how to present our data and we had problems reconciling our reports. Of course, I could have fixed the problems easy but I don’t want to my groupmates to (always) depend on me whenever we hit a wall. Also, I had other intentions. The husband went to sleep and the maid also. The group slept in the sala. When everyone was asleep I “woke” (well she wasn’t really asleep) Mitch up and we went to the patio. She asked me to immediately enter her, which I willingly obliged. I pulled her shorts to her knees and I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants. She was already wet, which surprised me. Did she read my mind and longed for this moment to come?

She expected that we would be quick but I preferred to “drag” it. I pumped long and slow and played with her button while I am at it. She came, while I am inside of her. For the first time I felt the full force of her “grip.” It was really hard; she had to cover her mouth to muffle her ecstatic cries that coincides with each thrust. She begged me to pump harder, but I didn’t, I just kept the pace and enjoyed the wind blow past me, enjoyed how the moon shined down on us, how the “dark” scenery before us played with the wind, how the bats flew overhead. I looked down to meet her gaze and I saw, and knew, that her lust has already overtaken her and that was a signal for me to pump really hard, she likes it hard and rough, for otherwise she would have pushed me to the floor and rode me.

I knew she wasn’t safe but I had to make sure that she comes, I somehow knew that she was on the verge of a huge one. So I just kept at it even though I’m “near” myself. I just kept at it. She was almost at the finish line but I’m about to cross it. I decided, right then and there, that I’d just pop it in and I did. She felt it, savored it, and loved it. But I didn’t stop, I just kept at it. I bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning too hard. Finally, she crossed while I’m still inside! I almost lost consciousness!

After we caught our breath we went back and I looked at my watch (my cellphone) and realized that we barely burned fifteen minutes. “Interesting” I said to myself.

And the list goes on. We still see each other to this very day. We do it every now and then but not as often as before. We don’t miss the old times, but we do miss each other’s company. I mean the sex is great but having a buddy to share your problems with is way better than sex, well sometimes that is.

It’s funny really. I was after her “kitty” but I never thought that I would like her as a friend more.



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"Man needs direction… thus some men decides to do volunteer work so that they’ll have direction (or the illusion of it)." - ME!

We were both part of the same org BUT of different geographical locations. We met during one of those special regional meetings in preparation for a major (synchronized) event. She wore something with a plunging neck line and I stared at it, discreetly.

It so happens, that on our way home, we rode the same bus. I approached her and asked her about the status of their chapter. I got her number (“For purposes of networking” I told her) and we started texting.

Honestly, I was simply texting her some infos about my chapter when I mistakenly sent her a text that reads: “If you want tt” ( tt should be kk)

I imagine it sent her into a fit of laughter and more. So we decided to go out but I knew sex wasn’t on the menu, yet. She told me “not on the first date.”

The next date came and we went straight to the motel.

We threw our stuff on the table at took off our clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After taking a bath I started kissing her, while the hot shower rained down on us. I told her to raise a leg and rest it on the toilet seat. I fingered her and immediately found her “spot.” I raped it. She was moaning so loud, she didn’t expect that it’ll be this good. I sucked and nibbled on her nipple and it drove her wilder… and when she came… she BROKE the toilet seat!

It was in that position when I entered her, while her “wave” hasn’t completely subsided yet. It didn’t just drive her wild it drove her over the edge… again. After a while I decided to do her on the bed. She was in the dog position when I suddenly and violently entered her. She was so wet that it didn’t even hurt. I “dogged” her like hell and came inside.

While my d3ck was still hard I lay her on her back and banged the bejezus out of her. From her moans (read: borderline screams) I could tell that her va-jj is pretty much sensitive to stimulations, ANY stimulations. So I ordered her to masturbate while I pounded her with all my energy, or what is left of it. I bet you could imagine what happened.

She was pretty dominating during the meeting but she was submissive that night. Doing all my bidding while I burned through whatever stamina I have left. I even made her spell her name while she was on top, riding hard. Her VP called and I made her answer the phone while I did her doggie again. Soon I’d come, inside. Soon, I’d finally have my rest. But here is the problem. I am nowhere near the edge and I’ve already used all off my energy.

I could tell that she pretty worn out too. So I told her that either she blows me till I come or she give me the @$$. Of course, she went down on me.

She was REALLY good at it. She knows how to kiss, lick, and suck balls. She knows how to use her tongue. She KNOWS her stuff. I was almost over the edge so I held her head down and told her to suck it and swallow it. She nearly choked when I came but she did as asked. 'twas her first time.

After drinking every last drop that I could give, she curled next to me and we both slept...



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The candle i held in my hand wasn't really necessary. The room was lit by an incandescent lamp whose shade i'd removed just shortly after we entered the rented room. She'd laughed at that. Candle and lamp cast orange on orange, defining deep shadows that seemed to split with each flicker of the candle.

She sat expectantly on the edge of the bed. I was naked already. She was not.

I walked over to her and wordlessly held out my hand. She placed hers on it. I let the hot candle wax drip into her palm. She took the first few seconds with a grin, but when she tried to pull away i gripped her by the wrist, and she bit her lip while the hot wax continued to flow.

I was hard as a rock.


She was still on the edge of the bed, but she was naked now. She was on her knees, bent down, her hands behind her back. They were fixed at the wrists and above the elbows by a length of cotton cord --in a slipknot that she could easily undo with the bit of it i'd left in her hand. The rule was simple: it stops when she pulls free, but no amount of spoken denial would save her.

I placed the tip of my c0ck on her lip. "blow me," i said, towering over her.

"fuçk you," she replied, eyes blazing defiance.

I slapped her, hard. Grabbed her by the hair and pinched her nose shut. When she gasped for air, i slammed my c0ck in one swoop into her mouth and began fuçking her face hard. She was gagging, eyes watering --i didn't let up. When i felt myself near cumming, i pushed as far in as i could and began 'rabbit-humping' her face, gasping "pùta ka talaga... Tàng ina, ang sarap ng bunganga mo." as i came i pulled out of her and shot a bit of cum on her face as she gasped for air.

By the end of it she grinned as she licked her lips.


She was stretched taut now, standing on tiptoe. I'd tied her wrists up to the shower head's metal brace. Her toes squeaked on the curving edge of the bath tub, but she couldn't get a fix on her balance and continued to twist in short arcs from one side to the other. "masakit na 'yung kamay ko," she said.

She yelped when i gave her a hard slap on the base of her spine (hehe... Try this guys! very few can stand not flinching. ) "shut up," i said.

I held her hips in place. When she felt me rub the cool tip of the 'hard jelly' strap on nose along her àsscrack and heard the whine of it's built-in vibrator, she gasped "what--?" and began to turn her head. I used one hand and grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked so that she her face pointed at the showerhead. "you're fùcked, bìtch," i said, emphasizing the last word.

An ex introduced me to this toy, a strap-on she'd bought on a business trip to amsterdam. It was a for men, with a hollow 'c0ck' of semi-hard jelly (at least, that's the closest i could come to describing what it was made of) you could slip you own built-in 'equipment' into. It added about four inches to my length and about doubled my girth. But that wasn't it's most interesting feature...

The main interest it held was the knob of jelly halfway through the fake dìck's length, which added a few more cm's to that area's girth. That part housed a four speed vibrator. Yes, ladies and gents, it's a strap-on built to resemble a dog's c0ck.

Her scream died to a squeak as i pushed into her unlubed asś up to the knot. She had a dìldo thicker than this, but then, she'd never taken that one with her asś clenched tight.

I began to grind up her slowly, working the knot in as she began to gasp, "fùck... fùck..." when i felt the knot pop in and her asś clench tight around it, i whispered in her ear, "yeah, you love it, don'tcha?" i didn't bother to listen to her reply and thrust up her bum. she screamed "FÙCK!" and pissed herself.

She broke in a cold sweat, wept, gasped and moaned as i reamed her in earnest. Now that the jelly'd warmed up, i enjoyed the tight feel of it in her asś, and the vibe worked its magic for me too. I was near cumming, so i gripped her hips in both hands now, and humped her like there was no tommorrow. She screamed again, and i felt a quiver run through her as she came, hard. That set me off. I pushed in, deep as i could go, hugged her tight as i gasped in her ear "tàng ina... Ang sarap mo... Ang sarap mo..."


Then i woke up.



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I have this officemate, we were like in a relationship but not really in a relationship, you know what I mean. She's already married and have 3 kids. This happened when we had our summer outing in subic.

After a night of drinking, she invited me for a swim, the sun was already shining, i think it was already 8am and a few of my officemates are already out drinking coffee near the villa just by the shore of the beach. We were alone in the water, she's a bit petite and I stand 5'8", so I was holding her while we were in the waters, we were face to face hugging each other, naturally she's feeling my tool, and my tool starting getting hard and she whisphered in my ear to do here right then and there, I asked her "are you sure"? coz some of my officemates are looking at us while they are in the villa and we were at good 100 meters from the shore then she said yes. She was weariing a 2 piece bikini but also wearing a very shirt and thin skirt, we were already stealing kisses from each other. I untied my board shorts and slid her bikini to the left and entered her, sumasabay kami sa alon ng tubig habang ginagawa namin yun, I was carrying her in front of me, I can feel her fingernails digging my back, sabi ko sa kanya baka mabitin tayo dito, sabi nya naman ituloy natin mamaya but finished this first, after she whisphered that she already came, I held her harder so I can put it in deeper so I can finish, after I told her that Im done, she smiled and kissed me hard, we went out of the waters after a few minutes with a grin on our faces.

Our second chance came around 11am when all of other officemates decided to go to the other side of the beach and rented a boat, 2 of us and 3 of our officemates were left in the villa, the 2 of us decided not to tag along coz we didnt have much sleep that night so we wanted to rest. The rest of the gang left for the other side of the island, the 2 of us were in my room resting, I lay beside her and started to caress her breast, she look at me and started kissing me, we started the deed spoon position and and ended it with the same position. we didnt much have of choice, we cannot use other positions for some of our officemates might check us out might check us out. but we did have 2 rounds that time, hehehe....

she now currently works with a different company but we still do it every now and then, everytime our scheds permit it...


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well it happen a long long time ago. she's my first gf and first kiss. i remember we always shared torrid kisses during lunch time and did not bother if everybody's watching us. ingit lang sila. hahaha

we were invited to a party, it's her friend's debut, so that day she prep up, very pretty. then suddenly at the party she whisper to my ears that she's wearing a t-back/almost a string undie. i didn't mind at first but after a few beers flowing i wrap my arms around her back then sneakily found the string of her undie. then naughtily pulling, playing and fooling her around.

then going home. while im driving i asked about her undie and she said "im having a wedgie with it" and asked her again "patingin nga?" immediately my right hand reached her long dress and lift it up. as i need to watch the road, my hand found it's destination. as my fingers move little by little, i feel the small curly hairs then slowly going down i found her pus***y lips. i sense her breathing is getting deeper by now. as i move on, i found her c li t so i rubbed it genty and slowly.

by this time i need to take the long way rather than the usual, so i took edsa. there my little car with nearly tinted windows and me driving very slowly coz my right hand is shifting all the way to her.

as i explore more of her gentleness, i discover the cave is already steaming with wild juices so i dip my index down and said to her "w**t na w**t ka na" and she replied "ikaw kasi eh" so pulled my finger up and tasted it, mmmm so yum, just like a honey. then she giggled.

then i continue, i put my fingers back where thery belong then slowly inserting it inside. its too tight and as i go deeper i hear her small voice like she's gettin hurt or having a small m/o*an and still having a hard time to go deep, she spread her l3gs wider to welcome my adventurous friend inside more.

as we were cruising the way my index is exploring and looking for the G old, slowly she moved her hands to my lap. its like she's giving me a clue where the treasure is. then i play more doing the circling, going 1n then going 0ut and combination with just my f7nger. then she said "use two" so i tried. her hand went down to my right knee and squeezing it, like she's telling me to go in d33per.

as in my thoughts "fingers palang to, pano na kung ****** na" so i just imagine that im f***ing her so i do it slow, do it fast, do it deep, do it faster, do it slow and do it and do it. and because of that i've notice her breathing is getting deep, her back is now arching and her lips trying to say something in a small voice so i do it f6st3r and f@ster.

then i stop as we stop at our first traffic light. she said she want to return the favor so she unzip my pants and reached for it. she go straight in, she plays with her t0ngue and s***k it as there is no more air. suddenly a large vehicle stopped beside us and i said "uy may kotse sa kabila" she hurridly sat back then once the light turns green i stepped on the gas right away.

after that we are infront of their gate, we said good bye to each other and had a 5 min. kissing. -the end- yheww


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I worked as a part-time technical support rep during my college christmas break. I met a newly promoted team manager, he was 21, I was 20. So that was 3 years ago he's tall, about 6feet, semi kalbo hairstyle, dark, bad boy image, in short, my type. I had a 2-month contract. During my contract he already made signs that he likes me. rather, likes to do something to me. he attended inuman sessions with my team, coached me on a call (o di ba, power tripping). anyway, after my employment contract, he asked me out on a date. so we went to Gateway to watch a movie (cant remember what movie we watched). then we went to Padis, since it was the nearest gimick venue we thought of. had a couple of drink then i thought we should go home. he said he isnt going home and will just rent a room for the night since he was too drunk (oh come on, what a lame excuse.) so i said i'll just accompany him. we went to Eurotel. I took a shower and he was in bed, not sure if he was sleeping or just trying to sober up. i went beside him and turned the tv on. he suddenly took the remote and began kissing me. so, i kissed him back, i havent had sex for months since i was a bit busy preparing for stuffs for graduation. he undressed me, kissed every inch of my body. touched and ate my little hungry pVssy. i was so wet and moaning wild so i want him inside. he really blew my mind since he has forepalying skills. i was too selfish i didnt want to gove him a blowjob. he's beautiful, and all i thought that time was him pumping me hard. so i took his boxers off and grabbed his thingi. and dissapointment woke me up. he isnt that big.. sad pVssy.. i remember saying 'ang liit naman nito' out of frustration, and i was tipsy as well. he shut me up by kissing me hard as he set my legs apart as he replied 'maliit lang talaga yan'. my legs were opened wide and in no time he was inside me (i didnt even feel it ). he was pumping hard and at some point it was okay, i had delight during foreplay. i didnt explode but it was okay, atleast i got to taste him (most gurls on our team had a crush on him).

we fell asleep. went home early via cab, i kissed him before i went out. and that was it. i didnt reply to his text messages anymore. back to school!


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A couple of months ago, I broke up with my bf during the Christmas season. It was kinda painful at first. Since its the holidays, There were no classes so I was out there and having fun with my friends and family just ignoring the fact that I got dumped. haha Who cares? I might get what I want for Christmas. >
I was just browsing my profile on Facebook when someone friend requested me. He was really familiar. So I viewed his page and it turned out to be my sister's officemate. I've met him before, he was my badminton partner one time when my sister in vited me to play with them months ago.
i was too shy to message him. I don't kno why but he's really my type. A few days after, I received a message from him. He asked me If i still remember him and made sure that I'm the sister of his officemate. I replied right away. > He even asked for my number cause he needed to leave already.
Right after he went offline, he texted me right away. He asked me if I want to have dinner with him during their break. I said yes since their office was just 5 mins away from our house. So we had dinner, talked about so many things that he almost forgot that he still needed to go back to his building. We were walking towards his building, he held my hand and kissed my ear and whispered 'alam ng ate mo?' And sabi ko 'hindi' He kissed me goodbye and while going down the stairs, he was running towards me and kissed me again.
On my way home, he sent me a text 'i would love to play with you again. and btw, you looked so beautiful'
And yes, I can't wait to play with him.
After a couple of dates, my sister still has no idea that her baby sister is going out with her officemate.
One night after his shift he told me that he'll be dropping by at my house and told me that he has a suprise for me. I sneaked him in inside our house and we were really both nervous cause my sister might see him. I went to our lanai so i can see if my sister's there already and he followed me. I closed the door and he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my nape. He whispered'Close your eyes baby, andito na surprise ko for you' he pulled my shirt off, he sat down the couch and he told me to sit on top of him. He played with my hair, licked my ears and kissed my neck. I reached for his groin and it was reallyyy harddd. He slowly removed my bra using his mouth. I removed his belt and unzipped his pants and gave him a blowjob of his life hahaha he moaned so loud. He made me sit on top of him again and licked my boobs. He took of my panties and I laid on top of him. He said he wanted to try it on the piano. He was fcking me hard on the piano. We were both sweating and still continued rocking me. I moaned so softly trying not to make a noise. We both stood up and did the dog style. He fcked me hard like it's the last time but we had to stop since my sister's already outside the gate. hahaha.

until now my sister still doesn't have an idea about us.


22 Re: TEMPLE's RED DIARY on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:09 pm

not a drop to drink

umuusok ang diary ng Jedi! lol

sobrang init!!

23 Re: TEMPLE's RED DIARY on Wed Feb 23, 2011 2:42 pm

not a drop to drink

target's 33 y/0, am 25 ... hayuf, 8 rounds ang hahabulin ko! lol

ano kaya pakiramdam habang bumabanat ka sa bebot na 8 years ang tanda sayo? devil

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